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Tulum is calling....

Join us for a 5 days, 4 nights all-inclusive boutique travel experience in one of Mexico's hottest destinations!

All you have to do is pack your bags
& We'll take care of the rest!


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A reasson to buy, the promise

On a Saturday night out we can suggest you Gitano or Casa Jaguar, for a more "Cancunssy" vibe we can RSVP Rosa Negra (still pretty fun) if you want to have a refined experience we could look into Habitas Tulum to see if they have their

On a Saturday night out we can suggest you Gitano or Casa Jaguar, for a more "Cancunssy" vibe we can RSVP Rosa Negra (still pretty fun)


The flow

Travel dates; October 10th / 14th - 2019

Day 1

Meet and greet at Cancún International Airport.

Our team will meet with you upon arrival, after stretching the legs, you will be taken to your villa in Tulum. Our transportation units are new and safe, you will find refreshments on board such as Perrier sparkling water and Amstel Ultra beer. Transfer from Cancún Intl. Airport to Tulum takes about 1hr and 30 mins, depending on traffic and weather conditions.

Welcome Cocktail at Tulum Villa.

Your first ever Margarita in México to start waking up that Spanish, after all, who doesn’t speak more fluently after a drink? LOL

Jungle-ish dinner

Balnak Tulum, we love this place, Chef Antonio and his team go extreme lengths to supply their kitchen with the most iconic and rare ingredients from all over México to create a trip on every dish. Products are fresh, menu is evolving constantly and of course, Margaritas will be there too! Si señor!

Meals included on day 1, Dinner

Day 2

TS´ONOT -or- Cenotes; The sacred Mayan entrances to the underworld of “Xibalbá”

Few places on earth carry this energy; Cenotes were sacred places, and once you dip on their fresh water you will understand why. The Mayan used to believe Cenotes were the entrance to the underworld, the “Xibalbá” a place for Gods, surrounded by mysticism, even today you will get the chill. No need to say Cenotes make great Insta photos!

fool around, like locals.

Getting lost in Tulum; this is perhaps the best way to explore a new city, and Tulum is no exception. Packed with narrow corridors ending in lush tropical gardens, cute little houses, street art, small coffee shops and art galleries. Tulum has a lot more to offer that you could’ve ever imagine. But you are not alone to wander, we will take you to those spots, so sharpen your Spanish, because we are going to talk, a lot!

This is Wild

With a Mediterrean inspired menu and - to us - the most exquisit bar in town, Wild delivers a phenomenal gastro experience. Lead by Karen Young, this place has come up with a distinctive signature on everything they do. When it comes to Wild, having dinner comes short for the experience you’re about to have…yes, more margaritas Por favor.

Meals included on day 2, Breakfast & Dinner.

Day 3

Walking “tanner”

Did you know the best way to work on your tan is walking on the beach? Sí Señor! here’s a plan…go to Tulum ruins, spend the first 2 hrs of your morning there, exploring and taking awesome pictures. Afterwards, you descent the staircase and voilá, you are on the beach, with miles ahead to walk, stop, dip and disconnect from everything.

From Tulum Archaeological site to Nomade (the farthest point on the hotel strip) is 6.2 miles, a 2-3 hrs walk, depending on your tanning goals!

Show me that...

Become a Mezcal & Tequila connoisseur; there’s a complete universe apart from these 2 spirits and what better place than Tulum! the local mixology scene has taken both Tequila and Mezcal cocktails craftsmanship to a next level. Gather with us on a private experience to get acquaintance with the nuances between these 2 amigos. The more you drink, the better your Español will get ;)

Feed me on Tacos!

ohhh so you though we forgot? not a chance…and our fav taco spot in Tulum comes not only with delicious taquitos veggie options, fish, shrimp, tempura or grilled, and the classics, like chicken fajitas and steak. Have you ever had a “Caguama”? a 2.5liters beer to share, so grab your mug, sit tight, and flow in the chilled vibes of this awesome, and 420 friendly spot in Tulum.

(check how it sounds when you say it, if it sounds like “taquitouuus…try taking the “u” out, all of them)

Dance it off

Night is here everyone! Dress up on your best “boho-vibed” outfit, hats, caps and feathers, amigos amigos amigos, this is going to be so much fun. We’ll keep this plan secretive for now, you just make sure you’ll meet the van upfront.

Meals included on day 3, Breakfast.

Day 4


Chances are, that we all feel a bit knocked-out from last night, but how about this….What if we teach you how to prepare the mythical “Chilaquiles” with some “frijolitos” and salsa. Long sided with a hydration kit, an “Ojo Rojo”.

Ok, so enough with the air quotes, Chilaquiles are the most amazing breakfast you could’ve ever imagine, commonly used to awaken people after a crazy night (s) and an Ojo Rojo, you’ve seen this before, Clam juice, lemmon, beer or vodka, celery, and spices, this beachy elixir will bring back your soul into your body….ready for more?

Make it yours

FREE to do whatever you want (almost)…and of course, we can give you tips on everything. Nature, wild-life, shopping, art, SPA, yoga…name it, go chase your cherry on top of the trip. Make it yours.

The fancy spot

ARCA Tulum. You’ll be taken to one of the best restaurants in Tulum / México / Earth and this Solar system (for what we know). Sitting 8PM.

Meals included on day 4, Breakfast.

Day 5

¡Felicidades! Usted ya habla Español

Well done friend, by now your Spanish skills are awesome! and hopefully you have had a blast learning it.

Morning is cleared-off in preparation for take off. Thank you for joining us on this Cultural adventure in Tulum, México.

Check - out + “the idiot” check (don’t leave anything behind) and transfer to Cancún’s International Airport.

Your amigos at MéxicoTropical®

Meals included on day 5, airport lunchbox



Thursday 10th
Check in + Welcome dinner @Balnak Tulum

Friday 11th
Gran Cenote & Cenote Calavera + Like a Local touring + Wild Tulum

Saturday 12th
Free morning + Mezcal & Tequila tasting + Nigh Out

Sunday 13th
Cooking Mexican; Master class + ARCA Tulum

Monday 14th
Check out & Transfer



  • Airport Transfers / ARRIVALS / 3 single services from Cancún International Airport (CUN) to Playa del Carmen. Type of vehicle, Toyota HIACE fo up to 10 passengers + luggage. Service with refreshment amenities.

  • Airport Transfers / DEPARTURES / 3 single services from Cancún International Airport (CUN) to Playa del Carmen. Type of vehicle, Toyota HIACE fo up to 10 passengers + luggage. Service with refreshment amenities.

  • Hosted Welcome Cocktail, includes a pop-up bar set-up / Serving Tequila Maestro Dovel Margaritas. Includes everything, 2 cocktails per person.

  • Dinner at Balnak Restaurant, family-style dinner in 2 times, + dessert and 2 cocktails per person. Includes transportation from the Villa, round service open for 6 hrs.

  • Cenotes (2 parks) Uh May AZULIK Art Gallery & Tulum Pueblo Private Tour, includes transportation, guide, entry fees and equipment. Some beverages are included, meals are not. Tour length 8-9hrs.

  • Dinner at WILD Restaurant, family-style dinner in 2 times, + dessert and 2 cocktails per person. Includes transportation from the Villa, round service open for 6 hrs

  • Guided tour @Tulum Archeological Site, includes the entry fee, transportation from your Villa to Tulum Ruins.

  • Night-Out Transportation service, open for 12hrs.

  • Delivery Breakfast for two days, customizable menú, prepared by Chef Rui Santos.

  • Cooking Class “The Mexican Breakfast” complete experience on Villa, includes everything, but alcoholic beverages.

  • Dinner RSVP* @ARCA Tulum + Transportation (*only reservation)

  • Tequila & Mezcal Tasting experience feat Mezcal Ojo de Tigre and Tequila Maestro Dovel, learn how to create 3 different cocktails.

  • Welcome Kit PREMIUM by México Tropical®

  • Hosted events, & Concierge services Free.

  • Gratuities (service) at 15% Included with all meals.

  • Local taxes



Price per person, in American Dollars.


The fine print

FAQS and Cancellation  

Refund policy: Please note that all payments for VIVA LA LENGUA experiences are non-refundable. Please try to make sure that you can attend the trip before booking it.  

CFAR Insurance: I strongly encourage you to purchase ‘Comprehensive Cancel For Any Reason’ insurance (CFAR) within 10 days of your purchase, so that you'll be able to recover your investment from your insurance provider, should you need to cancel.  

www.insuremytrip.com provides a variety of comprehensive cancel for any reason insurance options. Many CFAR insurance plans include medical insurance.  

NOTE: CFAR insurance may only be available to citizens of the US and Canada. Citizens of other countries may not be able to recover the costs of their experience if they have to cancel after purchasing.  

FAQ: Why isn’t my deposit refundable? We have to prepay vendors for the experience; therefore, we cannot offer refunds after participants make deposits. However, your travel insurance should cover a myriad of situations in which you may need to cancel your trip.  

What insurance is required? Travel medical insurance is required. For travel medical insurance, our minimum insurance policy coverage for medical emergency evacuation and repatriation is USD $200,000 (or equivalent in other currencies). We will verify that all travelers have such insurance in place and coverage as per the requirements listed above.  

We recommend the Insuremytrip marketplace where you will find a variety travel insurance options. You have the choice to use any travel insurance provider you'd like, as long as you send us proof of insurance at least one month before the scheduled departure. Failure to provide accurate proof of insurance prior to attending our trips will result in cancellation. **Please note many comprehensive cancel for any reason insurance plans include medical insurance.  

Will I have a roommate? Yes. VIVA LA LENGUA is designed to foster community.  

What if I don’t want to share a room with a stranger? While we encourage room sharing to foster a sense of community, we understand that some people aren’t comfortable with a roommate arrangement. For an additional fee, we can provide you with a room for yourself.  

Who will be my point of contact after booking? Please contact us as at drcort@heydrcort.com . We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. In addition to that, you’ll receive frequent email communication and other opportunities to connect with your VIVA LA LENGUA cohort in the months leading up to your trip.  

Do I need a visa to travel with VIVA LA LENGUA? Currently, Cuba requires a visa for U.S Citizens. We purchase your visa for this trip and the cost is included in the total price of the trip. For potential customers who aren’t U.S. Citizens, please use this free tool to determine your Visa requirements (https://www.visahq.com/citizens/ ).  

How does the payment plan option work? When you purchase a VIVA LA LENGUA Experience using a payment plan, a one-time deposit is due at purchase. Once a month, on the same numerical date of purchase, the remaining payments will automatically be charged on the card that you used to book. For example, if the initial purchase was made on 4/20, the following payments would be debited from your designated account on 5/20, 6/20, 7/20, etc. A service fee of 6% - 12% is applied to all payment plans. NOTE: Final payment is due no more than 60 days from the date of departure.  

Still have questions? Please shoot me an email directly at drcort@heydrcort.com!