Playa del Carmen

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Underwater wonders & Beachfront luxury.

Let the days wash over you at beachfront chill spots, taking in the meditative soundtrack of the crystal clear waves. Peek your adventurous side with dives into the other-worldly oceanscapes. Playa presents one of the world’s most sought-after scuba scenes, mouth-watering views of the Caribbean, prime shopping, and super comfortable stays.

Along 5th Avenue, you’ll find clubs, boutiques, galleries, and restaurants featuring México’s best. Fans of the folkloric artist Frida Kahlo will find themselves enjoying personal encounters with Frida-inspired murals and high-end souvenirs. A hub for language and student exchange, the European vibes turn up at night time, when Playa-lites crawl glamorously through the club scene. Only 45 minutes from the Cancún International Airport, Playa is conveniently close to everything and serves as the perfect jumping off point for exploring nearby cenotes and ruins.


About Playa

The shining lights and fast-paced party scene of Playa del Carmen give off the spirit of a young Miami - starry eyed and sleek. Due to its impressive growth spurt, prices have leveled off, making luxury accessible. Playa is the perfect choice for those looking for polished beaches and sand, but don’t want to get too dirty.

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Lifestyle scene

Flashy and trendy, Playa del Carmen heats up at night time with one of the peninsula’s most sexy party strips. The elite and in-the-know crowds catch the sunset at Thompson’s rooftop, where it-girls and the refined mingle. Travelers observing healthy lifestyles and yogic mindsets are welcome, with plenty of options for bringing you into your balance.




In winter, the beach isn’t as clear, but waves may swell, making some surf possible. Summer flames hot, but the beaches are breathtaking, bringing in family-style crowds and national visitors. European season falls in Autumn, when prices drop, but you run high-risk for hurricanes and bad weather. Spring can bring in seaweed, but the crisp freshness at dawn and dusk is divine.



The streets fill with party people during Carnival in Spring, and again during Mexican Independence Day on September 16. Come to celebrate Halloween, which leads to the famous Mexican cultural celebration Día de los Muertos. The city’s rainbow flag flies high, flowing with the seabreeze. During Pride parades everyone is invited, so come on down!

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Playa welcomes divers of all levels (even if you don’t have previous experience). Home to some of the globe’s best dive shops, breathe below water and see what’s hiding. The reefs and aquatic animals of the Caribbean are so colorful and unforgettable, you won’t want to come up.

Try: Food, Refined

5th Avenue presents restaurant after restaurant of well-designed menus and creative cocktails. With so many amazing choices, like _______ and ___________, the quality ranks equal with quantity. Explore restaurants off the beaten path for more authentic experiences.

Learn: Saucy Salsa

The Cuban culture makes itself present in all things musical, so buckle up your dancing shoes, and move your body to the Latino beat. Before you know it, you’ll be watching the sun rise over the beach.

Do: Treat Yo Self

Spas of every price range flood the to-do list in Playa del Carmen. Affordable options for massages and facials line the beaches, all with a tropical touch. More upscale joints like cenote SPA and Grand Hyatt offer full-body celebrations, from Maya mud masks to anti-aging energizers: walk away a new you.

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Distance from:

Cancun 4 hrs / 300 kms

Playa 4 hrs / 300 kms

Tulum 4 hrs / 300 kms

Merida 4 hrs / 300 kms

Arriving Airport: Cancun (CUN)


Trips happening in Playa del Carmen:


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