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Talking about a different state (& what once was a self-declared country), Yucatan is home to the first city to be colonized by Spanish people, located  3 hours away from Cancun’s airport. The trip may seem long, but it has become one of our favourite spots to visit while in México.

Colourful, colonial houses & buildings from the year 1800s give this city a sense of well-preserved antique goodness. Mérida is one of the most authentic places we’ve been to, throughout the years, it has managed to stay true to its roots & traditions, leaving vivid & visual experiences for travelers. Aside from this capital, you can easily go to other places around the region: Cenotes, pink beaches, historical ‘haciendas’ & huge archaeological sites are all part of the Yucatán Peninsula.

Better to travel:

+ Mostly all year long, Yucatan receives less tourism per year than Quintana Roo.

HOW MANY nights stay?

3 - 5 nights

hacienda/villas available?

Yes! Best ones out there, we believe.

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Hacienda - Merida


+ Sunny days or rainy tropics (Mérida can get really hot and humid during most of the year).

+ Culture, nature and great gastronomy

+ A trip to the past, Mérida is often compared to the Havana, Cuba. Which we do, too.

What we love:

Colors, textures and that historic sense that will never be lost, this city is that ‘Instagrammable’ colored walls your feed could use.

But it is also a place that keeps a deep knowledge and love for its traditions and culture. Mérida is very interesting in a lot of different ways.

Another plus, it has magnificent archaeological sites nearby, like famous Chichen Itza or our personal favourite, Uxmal.

Suitable for:

+ Birthday party
+ Anniversary
+ Honeymoon
+ Bachelor / Bachelorette
+ Group trip
+ Family trip



+ Take a night stroll around 'Centro', it is quite beautiful & safe, plus there are a lot of excellent souvenir options & great desserts.

+ Respect this place's traditions, they are pretty serious when it comes to being nice & polite.

+ Bring cash money with you at all times, Mérida is a bigger city (than the other ones we have listed), but its best to have cash at hand.

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