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Travel to Southern México’s largest colonial city into a kaleidoscope of color & culture.

Connect with the living Maya in order to understand the ancient ideology revealed in detailed drawings along the sprawling walls the archaeological site Uxmal.

Rendezvous with Mérida and tour a culinary scene rich with modern interpretations of traditional foods and shake your waist to Cuba’s hottest salsa bands or keep it cool with smooth jazz.


Mérida balances old-money chic with wild adventures. This trip establishes the colonial city as a base for divine eats, cold drinks, and day trips into the most magical ancient landscapes.

A city rich with cultural history, this trip is for the bourgeoise bohemian—travelers looking to expand their minds and move through both space and time.


The itinerary


Immerse yourself in Mérida - México’s most tropical colonial city.

Browse your itinerary and discover what our team has built for you. Each day has it’s own, complimentary flow, but we also leave plenty
of time for you to take in the “tranquilidad,” which is Mérida’s most celebrated characteristic.

The safest destination in Latin American,
it’s no wonder that Mérida is the global capital of culture.


1 _Check-in to all things boutique

Settle into Rosas y Xocolate on Paseo de Montejo or The Hotel Diplomat in barrio Santiago, boutique hotel experiences that put you pool-side immediately. Take a walking tour with your one-of-a-kind guide, exploring the colorful facades of the colonial homes and hotels, then having your mind blown by what’s inside: tropical garden goodness.

Visit the main square and pop into the immense Cathedral and see the history of the bloody colonization painted in enormous murals in the governor’s mansion.

2_Cook it

Start the day off in the state’s largest food and lifestyle market, Lucas de Galvez. The bustling labyrinth is home to some of the world’s freshest citruses and vegetables. Pick up everything you need to cook a traditional dish in the hallowed halls of Boutique by the Museo.

In the afternoon, cantina hop. Drink your way through Mérida’s hippest juke joints: live Cuban music in La Negrita and underground vibes in El Cardenal. Top the night off by blowing your tastebuds out of the water in Apoala, a restaurant run by a badass girl boss.

3_Time Travel

Leave by 8 am on an epic trek to Uxmal in private transport, a guided experience which helps you to understand the highs and lows of ancient Maya civilization. Less touristy than the common Chichén Itzá, the site of Uxmal is both immense and subtle. The sheer detail of the stone engravings leave you downright humbled.

Wash off in the icy waters of your own private cenote, the underworld where heads once rolled. These geographical phenomena were created as a result of the earth-shaking meteorite that hit the peninsula 65 million years ago. Home to ancient Maya rituals, experience a spiritual cleansing in a purification ceremony led by a local healer.


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4_Chill; beach break is Sisal.

Wash off in the wide, sandy beaches of Sisal. Historically, Sisal was the peninsula’s most important
port. Now, this historic grandeur rests in the hands of a local fishing community.
Take photos in front of the colorful murals and cool off with an ice-cold coconut.
Take a boat ride through the mangroves and take in otherworldly views of one of Earth’s most magical
eco-systems. Spot birds, crocodiles, and flamingos on this on-the- water tour.

5_Hand-made & Locally sourced.

Spend the day in Mérida centro, collecting hand-made goods: from embroidered dresses, traditional guayaberas, and woven baskets to decadent perfumes in Coqui Coqui and delicate jewels in Casa T’HŌ.

Visit the Museum of Folkloric art in La Mejorada, the mother of modern minimalism, then Galería Mérida, an authentic, grassroots gallery featuring exhibits of skulls and devils. Cap it all off with dinner at Oliva, a Mexican interpretation of Italian, and one of the city’s most sought-after restaurants.


6_You time, free day.

By now, you’ve had a taste of everything. We leave it up to you to decide on this last day if you need
another dip in a cenote or a hike up a pyramid.
More than likely, you’ll want to slow down, and spend the day at the Rosas y Xocolate spa. Then clean
up for a relaxing evening jaunting down the streets and popping into bars of this unforgettable city.


7_Regret ever checking out.

Once you visit Yucatán, you’re in danger of never leaving. It’s so common that Yucatecans call it “drinking water from the well.” So, if you want to make it home, be careful to drink water only from bottles, or else this timeless city and its generous people will cast a spell on you.

Spend the day in Mérida centro, collecting hand-made goods: from embroidered dresses, traditional guayaberas, and woven baskets to decadent perfumes in Coqui Coqui and delicate jewels in Casa T’HŌ.

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All this is included

  • Mérida stay @Rosas & Xocolate - or - @Hotel Diploma for 6 nights and 7 days, double room type, deluxe kingsize bedding.
  • Daily breakfast
  • Airport Private transportation / Mérida (MID) International Airport
  • Private transportation for all activities mentioned on itinerary
  • Private guide service for all activities mention on activities
  • City walk tour UNESCO heritage sites and historical sites
  • Beach day trip to Sisal
  • Entrance tickets to Uxmal archaeological site
  • Entrance tickets to Chichén Itza -or- Ek Balam archaeological site
  • Private Cenote entrance fee, equipment, snorkel, life vests and fins.
  • Personalised walking tour for shopping crafts and souvenirs
  • Cantina (bars) crawl tour* beverages not incl.
  • Fine dine services at Apoala and Oliva with a 3 course meal, set menu, cocktails (limited)
  • Regional street food experience in Mercado Lucas de Gálvez and Izamal
  • Deluxe hand painted decorative hanging rug by @holalou
  • Concierge from México Tropical.
  • Access to upgrades at venues, restaurants and bars within our network
  • Meal services tips
  • Local taxes

This is not included

  • Air tickets
  • Staff gratuities
  • Extras on meal services

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