Steep in color, texture and a little too much sunshine in historic Mérida, the ancient Maya city of T’hó.


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First name: Mérida, last name: Tropical

The crown jewel of the Yucatán peninsula, Mérida boasts México’s second largest historic downtown.

Colonial MID turned 476 this year, and much of the historic architecture has been restored to its former elegance. Drone’s-eye-views reveal luscious, hidden gardens, and serene poolscapes provide the perfect getaway from the woes of the city.

Mérida connects the past to the present every chance it gets. In the heart of the Centro, you’ll find the Zócalo - the city’s central square where mainland America’s oldest Cathedral looms, a Church made from the stones of the ancient pyramid which once ruled in the same place.

Despite a turbulent history of colonization, the Maya culture lives strong today. The language Yucatec Maya is the most widely spoken indigenous language in the world, and women wearing traditional dresses embroidered with bright flowers called “hipiles” stroll through the Centro selling native fruits and flowers from their gardens.

Tranquilo is the word most commonly used to describe the vibes in MID, and it’s statistically proven. The safest city south of Canada, tranquility is an inherent cultural property.


About Mérida

Steep in color, texture and a little too much sunshine in historic Mérida, the ancient Maya city of T’hó.

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Lifestyle scene

Home to mestiza culture (a term which describes the racial mix of indigenous + Spanish roots), Mérida embodies diversity. With a growing international community, people here value hand-made, classic Volkswagen Beetles, and ice-cold beer + lime.

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Mérida is hot with a side of hot. The heat peaks in the dry season: April and May. Relief comes during the rainy season, when being trapped in a two hour long monsoon feels good—from September to October. Our best kept secret: December through February, when the temps are nothing less than paradisiacal.



Kick the year off with month-long celebrations for the city’s birthday during Mérida Fest in January and FILUX international light show, when the entire city transforms into an art gallery.

Indulge yourself in cultural awareness during celebrations for the Day of the Dead by attending the mind-opening Festival de las Ánimas. Lift up those precious memories of your dead, and invite them into your home to eat from your altar at the beginning of November. Leave out a tequila shot for Grandpa and a cigarette for Jack Kerouac.

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In the land of eternal summer, there’s always something irresistibly fresh on the table. Wake up early and visit Mérida’s central market Lucas de Galvez. Pick up what you need for panuchos and poc-chuc, then learn how to whip it up with a famed local chef.

Try: Cantina Hopping

Saloon-style swinging doors, vintage Corona tables and sea-salted mason jars of mezcal lemonade make La Negrita an iconic establishment. Set the rhythm to t-r-o-p-i-c-a-l and refresh yourself with a cold drink of Mérida on the rocks—with a dash of Cuba.

Learn: Anthropology

An incredible history of the ancient Maya plays out in Mérida’s esteemed museums and international art galleries. Travel thousands of years into the past on a journey to understand the Maya of today.

Do: Shop Local

Pick up a vial of magic (a.k.a. massage oil) infused with regionally-harvested flowers at the decadent Coqui Coqui. Support grassroots artisan projects by shopping for hand-woven natural baskets at La Casa de Las Artesanías. And get your Yucatecan on by wearing traditional fashion: guayabera for him, hand-embroidered crop-top for her.

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Distance from:

Cancun 4 hrs / 300 kms

Playa 4 hrs / 300 kms

Tulum 4 hrs / 300 kms

Merida 4 hrs / 300 kms

Arriving Airport: Cancun (CUN)




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