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Cross by ferry from Chiquilá’s port. This small trip is very visual and you may even catch dolphins or jumping stingrays if you're willing to get there by 6:30 am.

Holbox is that small paradise island with red-yellow sunsets you won't ever forget. The kind of place to fall in love with, the one where you'd want to eat lobster all day long.

In here, locals are pretty welcoming and the sun could get heavy (but the beach is insanely white and pretty). Plus, you can easily find pretty good murals around town.

Better to travel:

Low season, whale shark season or dry season. All mostly from February to May, or August to September.*

HOW MANY nights stay?

2 or 3 nights. There's a lot more to see out there too.

hacienda/villas available?


Holbox Island 2- Mexico Tropical® travel agency


+ Fresh rain showers which bring incredible sensations.

+The best locations for “letting go” of every busy thought.

+ Dazzling sunsets! this island has the most beautiful picture-perfect sunsets out there.

+ Amazing coconut homemade ice cream and lobster on literally everything, the island's signature souvenir.

What we love:

Tropical chilling for day one and swimming with whale sharks the other. Holbox is a magical place, it is still Mexico's last 'virgin' island.


Take some time to connect with this place's raw nature, wifi & other commodities are often limited. So it really gives you time to reconnect with your inner self & just enjoy the view.

Suitable for:

+ Birthday party
+ Anniversary
+ Honeymoon
+ Bachelor / Bachelorette
+ Group trip
+ Family trip



+ Bring cash money only, there is only 1 atm in town.

+Taking it easy and just relaxing in a 'remote' place is a must. We recommend letting go of everything.

+ Accommodations are limited due its size. Booking your trip with time is a must.

+ Walk through town at night, the vibe is completely safe. Avoid walking through the beach at night, there are no lights.

Holbox Island 3 - Mexico Tropical® travel agency