Holbox Island

Swim through an underwater dream alongside whale sharks in the crystal shores of Holbox Island, where white sand beaches score OG status.


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The last frontier of the Caribbean Islands.

The tranquil shores of Holbox are reminiscent of the picturesque beaches of Thailand, with the free-spirited vibes of Tulum circa 2004. The quiet, natural beaches are the last frontiers of Caribbean shores, with eco-tourism beating our commercial touristic experiences by a long-shot.

Together, the local Maya people and international sustainability projects work to protect and conserve the incredible eco-system of the island. The biodiversity brings global researchers and writers from the likes of National Geographic to study the whale shark (one of Earth’s most mysterious creatures). Each year, the largest population of whale sharks in any ocean gathers to feed and frolic in the delicious waters of Holbox. After their resting fest, they swim into the unknown, losing track of scientists for eight months of the year.


About Holbox

Swim through an underwater dream alongside whale sharks in the crystal shores of Holbox Island, where white sand beaches score OG status.

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Home to barefooted hippies, good style, and local traditions, this stunning island is on the underground route - a way to escape areas which have gained more tourist attention. The scene is world-class. Think: amazing food & mixology, vintage fashion & furniture, and wild, untouched natural landscapes.

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The high season is definitely whale shark season, from mid-May to mid-September. The rainy season couples with hurricane season and falls in Autumn, peaking in October. Winter presents the perfect conditions for relaxing, although the water will be on the chilly (but swimmable) side.



In Holbox, there’s a lot to celebrate. With international festivals of birds, bio-luminescence, food, and murals, there’s almost always a celebration of art or nature going on on the laid-back beaches of Holbox.

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EXPLORE: whale shark

Endeavor a humbling adventure as you swim with Earth’s largest fish: the absolutely epic and mysterious whale shark. Undergo a life-defining experience from mid-May to mid-September. About the size of a school bus, about 800 whale sharks return to Holbox each year as a part of their annual 5,000 mile migratory swim.

Try: Sophisticated Dishes

Demand authenticity and entertain your palette with food and cocktails as noteworthy as the Island views. Ambiance rules at Isla de Colibri, where colorful murals inspired by Frida Kahlo grow along the walls. And the devil is in only the hippest details at upscale tapas joint, Luuma.

Learn: Sustainability

Go on a day-long boat tour of the mangroves and beaches with a local guide, catching immersive views of flamingos and crocodiles. Swim in an open cenote or ojo de agua, indulging in the overwhelming thrill of the cool, fresh water mixing with sea water. Bring your questions as you enter into one of the world’s most water rich eco-systems.

Do: Mind-Body Relaxation

Bunk down in beachside bungalows in Casa Las Tortugas, a swanky eco-hotel with a literary quality. Vintage furniture and biodegradable toiletries create an ambiance of bohemian style. The world-class Agua Spa offers every possible variant of pampering: from daily yoga to hydrotherapy.


Distance from:

Cancun 4 hrs / 300 kms

Playa 4 hrs / 300 kms

Tulum 4 hrs / 300 kms

Merida 4 hrs / 300 kms

Arriving Airport: Cancun (CUN)


Trips happening in Holbox Island:


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