If you were waiting for a sign, this is it.


Do you ever wonder who think up the signs that are everywhere in Tulum? If you are aware in the way, you couldn´t miss it.

What makes you think? This space is to talk about art since art is totally subjective, we‘ll share our perspective.

Because is very probable that many people out there think the same way as we do, and we want to they know that we are thinking the same as they.

Aligned in the same frequency we manifest the collective conscious.

Besides that, It is always exciting to hear the opinion of someone else in a subject of a mutual interest. Don't you think?

If we look back in history, it makes sense, I mean, how are evolved the human being in the time that we have in the earth? We discovered the nature of light, relativity, penicillin, gravity, DNA, everything…

What I mean is that the thought of someone could help to evolve other thought and create something never imagined! But I'm out of the main topic, I was just expressing the reason for this space and telling you that we want to share what we recognize as Art.

Sharing our thoughts, turning it into knowledge, analyzing it and practicing it.We think that in this way the universe expands and we evolve as a species.

So. taking back the signals that are everywhere in Tulum, we were wondering about who came up with this idea and how it she makes it happen?

And the crown is for... Olivia Steele, 33-year-old concept street artist.

The Project

"Public Display of Awareness" born in 2015 as an extension of an ongoing International Public Art Project with the purpose to increase fresh views of street art.

The work of Olivia are words and lights (neon) as a primary medium, however, she has to adapt to the wilderness surrounding and create different forms caused by the limited access to electricity in Tulum.

The Intention

Awaken the mind and spirit of the people.

Her mirror thinking has the intention to provoke our own reflections by expressing her own.

Fed with the conviction that in every moment of reflection lies a hidden and sudden desire and strength, she is showing what she believes about the role of art, whether it is good or bad, whether it is right or wrong, everything is subjective. Who decides if this is art or not?

Like she said

"Art is notoriously ambiguous. The art of challenging conventional semiotics and observing the vast spectrum of strangers' reactions and interpretations is highly rewarding".

The Reason

Love for Tulum and the community.
What is the sense of the signals first of all? We love Olivia´s reasoning to response this question, so here it is…Signs have been part of human culture since artistic expression first began.

Signs guide us to where we want to go. Signs tell us what we need to know. Signs denote direction and purpose. Signs promote that which desires attention. Signs warn us and alert us. Signs are signals. Receive and integrate.

The Purpose

Bring words to life that stimulate positive thought and inspire an inner dialogue.

This is the reason why describing these installations as pure Art.

When the root comes from the inside, and the objective is waking the spirit and global awareness… The result is a concert who raise your vibration, connecting mind and heart shepherd by the soul.

Another reason why we think this is amazing is that is for everyone, a powerful and simple message, that wraps us all, there is no difference, we are all involved.

Cause we are all in a personal journey, and the fact to receiving a non-expected message in a needed moment, is not a coincidence.

Proving that "it is the spectator and not life that art really mirrors" Oscar Wilde.

Some of our favorite signals are…

-Observe your intentions.

-Observe your distractions.

-Trust yourself.

-Stay present.

-You are your only limit.

-Know thyself.

-What is yours?

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