Gatherings "Meet the new kid in the Jungle" Víctor Parra @Las Puertas Tulum

"If you only see the door that closes, you can´t see the doors that will open."


The connection between the love for your country and the Journey you take get to the one place you imagined, Tulum was the place who choose Olivia and Victor Parra to bring Las Puertas to life into the wild.

The Mother and son team embarked in this journey to offer an upscale Mexican Cuisine with fantastic french techniques, Las Puertas focus on cultivating the ideas of their cooking ethos, by discovering the local ingredients and utilizing wood and coal for their main fuel to bring their vision to life.

At las Puertas, you will find frequently menú changes. They embrace the passion for exploration, seeking out adventure and presented in your plate. Local, seasonal, fresh, different. "Inspiration comes from everywhere and everywhere is where we want to be"

We give you 6 reasons why you MUST add las Puertas Tulum to your bucket list.

The new kid in the jungle.

Victor Parra is the perfect example of what it means to be Mex-I-can, spontaneity, and wit, pretty proud of his country and his roots, an award-winning chef, who has the superpower to transform 3 ingredients in a winning course, he is unbeaten in the nickel city chef, the wny´s finest culinary competition in buffalo who give a kickstart fame to Victor, He has many challenges to face in Buffalo, one that is remarkable was one time when he can't afford the menú ingredients(for him it was never an option to close the doors) he has to improve a plate with a few ingredients he found in the kitchen, the result was a fantastic huarache who became a magazine cover, it turned up that the diner was a Publisher of buffalo spree and it was outstanding with the fascinate serving. Now las Puertas @ buffalo is one of the top restaurants in the área.

Vibrant and lush cuisine.

The platters truly convey to you, each dish carry a message and disclose a story,

The prime stars are:

The Burrata, the first time I hear about las Puertas, it was by reason of the burrata, Las Puertas is one of the few places in Tulum that offers this magnificent dish, and the reason why is famous is cause they raise the burrata to a new high Mexican level, with renewal local quesillo. And believe us it´s just can't any better.

The Tetelas, this dish simply raise sighs, literally, if you just walk few steps into las Puertas,and you see this gorgeous plate near to you, you will ask for that, even if you don't know what it is.

pescado a la talla this is a Golden fish dish where the key ingredient is the sauce

The charming vibe that Victor emerge welcome to other chefs to a friendly contest, if you are really lucky you will be a witness of a fascinating feast if I had to this experience with a Word... Celestial would be… if you don't want to miss the next one, stay tuned.

You got the perfect setting.

And we really meant it, you have the copal and the mystic vibe, you enter into the middle of the jungle, you will feel it like a glamorous Tarzan or jane.. is like get in lost in the jungle but connecting with the essence of local roots, make the exquisite ambience where is impossible not to immerse yourself in the experience of the storytelling your about to presence.

Charming Characters.

We start with the most flashy star from las Puertas, Olivia (Victor´s mom) she´s the manager of the place and the principal reason that las Puertas exist now in Tulum, She encourage victor to take the risk and try the elixir of turquoise blue waters, you will love her as we do, She´s our favorite carácter.. but.. don't tell to the rest of the team.

We also have Monica & Alba, 2 visionary chefs who go out of the comfort zone to make a Little magic in Tulum.

And we have Tony, last but not least. He is another adventure soul who wants to discover new challenges into the savage life, he´s a true artist behind the bar, like Victor behind the knives, together they form the perfect cast in this story.

Sustainability Mixology.

Every cocktail is thoughtful, every detail is in agreement and sustainable, there is nothing left over in the bar, every element is used, they créate a perfect synergy between the bar and the kitchen, you will taste a lot of the food ingredients finely adapted in the cocktails.

If you order a cocktail you will find.. homemade bitters, local ingredients, and Mexican distilled, if you are a vineyard lover you will find natural wine.

Credit Cards are welcome.

We want to add this point to the list, cause we think that is relevant to mention, as Tulum is a living jungle and doesn´t offer this facility in almost everywhere, and in the actual time is rare to have an amount of cash in the pocket.

You won't have this obstacle at Las Puertas.

"In the universe, there are things that are known and things that are unknown and in between, there are doors."

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