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Secret Cenotes

Do you ever wonder, why the meteorite that extinguished the dinosaurs fall exactly where we live? What does this represent? Why of all the places on earth, it crash here? Does that make us specials? Or more vulnerable? Are we closer to portals that take us to other dimensions? Or the meteorite crash to make the portal? This and other questions, will soon been answered. But let´s not stray... I´m here to tell you an open secret.

Did you know that there is more than 8000 cenotes around the Yucatan peninsula?

The cenotes are sacred places that make us be aware of the beauty and perfection of nature.

Today there is only a few that become popular, so we decided to reveal 2 secret spots in Tulum to not lose the serenity that is transmitted to us, and not been spoiled by the crowded atmosphere of tourist and visitors.


Although I promised to keep the secret of this magic place, I think it´s a hidden gem and deserves to be shared with the true lovers of nature.

My Roomie is guilty of this discovering, She´s an adventure addict… and She couldn´t stop to describing me the marvelous place that was, she mentioned the secret passages, the mirrors inside the caves where in a certain time of the day reflects the sunlight , the exotic fish, the crystal clear water that make you wonder if you were seeing a reflection or what really was under the water. So we soon set up the excursion!

I'm not going to tell anything else, and ruin the personal experience. What is a guarantee is that you could have a conexión as our ancestors made and your energy will fill up like the street fighter bars!

Here the location.

On the road with direction to Coba @ Km 8.


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