10 reassons why; Tulum ruins

As a travel agency who specializes on the curation of unusual locations and experiences, we usually recommend alternative and secluded options for the secret spot seeker. However, on most trips we've done, Tulum continues to be, by far, the most popular and solicited day trip among our guests.

People love it, and although this archeological site is most likely to be always crowded, there's just something about this place that captures traveler's attention every time.

Want to know why? Here're 10 reasons why your next holiday needs to include a day trip to Tulum's ruins:

1. It's very close to pretty much everything.
Whether you're staying in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Bacalar or any other place in Riviera Maya, this site is within 40 mins. to 2-hour drive range

Tulum Ruinas 2.jpg

2. The view, the view, the view!
A hot day and some sweat drops falling down your face (and probably your whole body too) are definitely worth once you get to the top of the site and get the most amazing view you'll ever see in such an ancient place.

Tulum blog 04.png

3. It's the perfect place to learn more about Mayan Culture.
Complemented by a certified guide, this is the perfect place to get a complete introduction to the Mayan world and how they lived. You'll get surprised by the number of details the Mayans had put on every corner of this place: Everything had a purpose here.

Tulum blog 03.png

4. You can walk Tulum's Ruins in less than 1 hour.
Although it has pretty long stories to tell and the place, in general, is pretty wide, Tulum's archeological site is an easy going, fast visit. Which is a good thing, considering it is very hot and humid almost every day of the year.

Tulum blog 06.png

5. Get a glimpse of what ancient royalty lifestyle looked like.
As you may already know, archeological sites like this one weren't made for regular people. Only royalty, priests and other ''high-ranked'' Mayans could live and enjoy luxurious places like this one.
Caribbean-side homes anyone? haha!

Tulum blog 07.png

6. It still remains as a souvenir-free site.
Unlike Chichen-Itza's ruins or many other sites across the region, Tulum keeps noisy souvenir vendors outside. The outcome? A clean view for everyone and a calm tour for every visitor.

Tulum blog 08.png

7. Get Instagram-ready pics every time.

Noticed how everyone who has visited this place gets amazing shots of it? That's because Tulum's light (sun or semi-cloudy)  is always perfect. Not to mention its waters are ALWAYS electric blue.
If you're planning on visiting, be sure to get your photographer skills on, you won't regret it!

Tulum blog 09.png

8. Take a swim or walk on the amazing beaches surrounding it.
Tulum's ruins are located at a ''cliff'' on top of the Caribbean Sea. Don't doubt taking the stairs down to the beach, we're pretty sure you'll love its white sand and turquoise beach.

Tulum blog 01.png

9. If you end up with some sort of heat stroke, cool-off at a cenote.

After a sunny, cultural session, you'll probably end up suffering from Tulum's intense heat. Luckily, there's one of Tulum's most iconic cenotes at a 10-minute drive. Cenote's waters are simply magical, extra cold and will leave you energized to continue with the last part of this day trip.
By the way, cenotes are not only cold underground pools, they are key to the whole Mayan civilization, but we'll talk more about them later.

Mangrove Cenote - Mexico Tropical-1.jpg

10. End this day trip experience at a local, beachside taco place.

The only thing missing after a long walk and a cool swim at a bat cave would be eating... Tacos, of course! And no better place to do this than beachside. We love ending the day this way, a cold beer, and some spicy tacos while enjoying the sea breeze? Yes, please!
From experience, we know you'll probably end up happy, a little drunk and falling asleep on your way back to wherever you're staying. 
Bucket list place, check!

Tulum blog 11.png

Although Tulum this is a very popular place in Riviera Maya, please know we support conscious traveling. Tulum remains as a sea turtle nesting place and there's a huge coral reef living right in front of the ruins. So before heading to this site or a cenote, be sure to use only bio-degradable sunscreen, to respect the sea, its culture and the people who live near this places.

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