Inspired by locals; Artist & Co-founder Lou


Bold and intuitive

by Amanda Strickland 

Color theory is something that she learned from her four year old son, Lorenzo. When Lo was a toddler, she pulled out the paints, and they would spend the afternoon getting after it. Every time Lou would teach her little man a new trick, he would almost immediately break the rules, throwing directions in the trash, and allowing himself to be ruled by one thing only: color.

She reflects on those times, “Lo’s movements are completely natural, and he’s super confident while doing whatever he’s doing. I realized that this came from his lack of limitations. He is not aware of what’s good and bad, and he did not have any previous reference to art or drawing, so he was flowing completely free into color.”

Lo eventually dropped the paintbrush for Ninja Turtles, but left his mother meditating on his relationship with art, “I was shocked, I needed to go back to being a free kid too.” This freedom shook Lou down to her bones, and she marks this moment as a turning point in her career.


Two words which describe the artwork of Durango native @holalou. At 19, the graphic designer moved from the desert of northern México to the Caribbean coast of the southern and co-founded México Tropical. The dramatic change in scenery pushed her to transform, enlivened by water, flora and color.

Now, on any given Sunday, she migrates along the coastline for inspiration, Tulum, Puerto Morelos, and Holbox Island, sometimes with a sketchbook, but mostly with the intention of being present in a mind-blowing place. After all, she is looking to the core of things - searching for symbols.

Once she conceptualizes the symbols, a patterned mix of block shapes, straight and curved lines, she opens up her idea in Adobe Illustrator, which Lou considers a miracle for color enthusiasts like herself.

When I asked her about her relationship with color, she quickly quipped, “We are best friends.” And it comes as no surprise that primary yellow and all shades of blue are her favorite colors: the sun and the sea. Her simple, but sophisticated works rely on the luscious, tropics for inspiration.


Track what’s going on with Lou on her boiling hot Instagram account, where she documents daily her growing relationship with color, minimalism, and the Mexican tropics.

Instagram @holalou

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