Local Magic

 “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

-Albert Einstein.


This is my favorite quotes from all the times, and it cannot be more accurate with the name of this territory, we think that the place where we live is definitely represented for his people, if they don't exist, anything have sense. It will be like the riddle that says, if a tree falls in a forest where nobody is listening, it would really exist the sound of the fall of the tree? Maybe now you´re frowning, but remember that I mentioned it was a riddle.

Let me start over, I choose this quotation, cause is perfect to explains the vision that my mind form when I imagine the Local magic from Tulum.

Don't make me wrong, this philosophy thinking, or better said Physics, applies to everything and everywhere, what I'm saying is that definitely in this paradise that we live we can match more easy that frequency, that in other places from earth. Here my explanation.

First of all, I want to explain with my own words this awesome quote. And is...

Law of attraction = manifestation power.

Easy as you read.

Imagine like we have a dome covering Tulum, inside you have an electromagnetic field with static electricity, Remember the classy experiment of rubbing a balloon in your hair and then the balloon stick in the wall like Magic, imagine that you are the ballon and instead of the rubbing in the hair of someone else, you tune the same frequency that the dome has.. the result is.. a magnetized human that when you click your fingers a spark burns… like the ballon sticks to the wall.

Well, all this explanation is just for describing the way that it works, we still need to apply the equation so that spark burns with the click of the fingers.

Now imagine that you already are a magnetized ballon, just put a human picture instead of the ballon,   and with your mind transmit a signal to the universe, your requirements, now for the message could be received you need to feel as if you already have it.  This is called…

Law of attraction and I'm going to reveal the secret, and is.. feeling connected, here it is where we are linking the whole story above with the principal subject… So the real question will be, How Tulum makes you feel more connected? Here my humble opinion.

-Nature. “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”  I like to use quotes cause they resume the essence of the meaning when is hard to explain a lot.  Did you ever take the time to really observe a flower, or a plant, doesn´t matter,  or an insect, or a crab, or a grain of sand, if you see with attention you will see the sacred geometry in its purest form. And this is the language of the universe. 

It is worth mentioning that nature here is the most attractive and we are the invaders in this territory and not vice-versa. Btw the quote is from Einstein too.

-The Sky. the sunshine, the sunset or the starry night, each one is beautifully unique and make us feel powerful, like we have someone or something that holds your back, I love the feeling when I saw when the moon borns from the sea, that ephemeral moment that makes you think, everything is perfect, and you are here just to experience life, and everything that entails. So take your seat and enjoy the ride, cause, in the end, we just are a spark in the fire.

-Music. ”Without music, life would be a mistake” I cannot be more agree with Nietzsche.

The music proposal that lies here is pretty energetic, this encourages to the artists who feel the beat tuned with the rhythm of their heart to bring to life his talents. Tulum is the state-of-the-art to the contemporary DJs and fresh eyes who are captivated for the balmy musicians they meet, the shapely sounds they hear, the spontaneous concerts that make you raise as a thunder-like…its so fascinating, that keeps them here. ( I just read a scientific theory that all things in the universe vibrate at certain frequencies,  what it caught my attention and it makes sense to mention, is.. a thought that the Hindus believed to understand.. was that the whole universe it was no more than a vibration, that which emerges from the primordial sound OM, maybe we are all mesmerized under the om frequency inside the dome.)

-People. The most powerful magic. How it be possible the act without the magician? When I think in the community that is Tulum, I take a step back and try to see the whole picture, and I can see a clear pattern of synchrony, people who are linked with an invisible thread, being part of a big change, some are aware, some doesn't, but that does not make any difference to the importance of the mission that we all come together to fulfill. Artists, experience designers, musicians, food fanatics, nature explorers, cultural enthusiasts, party animals, music lovers, architects of life, biologists of the universe, people who left their comfort zone to freely experience life and live on their own terms, even if this entails changing them frequently. All gathered living in the natural chaos of the jungle.

You know what, forget about what I said, Tulum is not so special after all, everyone, everywhere can create his own local magic, no matter where it lives.  And by local, I mean inside and the magic is you.


“Beauty does not bring happiness to the one who possesses it, but to the one who loves and admires it.”

Hermann Hesse.

esteban belmares