Cultural virtuosos, Adventure 'cracks', Wellness masters, Chilling emperors, Visual admirers & Local explorers: We're a team of Mexicans (mainly, some of our members & collaborators are from the rest of the world), who feel a deep passion for our - mega diverse - country. 

We stand for authenticity & self-discovering experiences in every trip we curate. As part of this, we're committed to always  keep moving & exploring México a bit deeper every time. Know that all recommendations and experiences we select are 100% tried and tested, sometimes even on our daily basis.

As leaders on private tours & tailored trips in Riviera Maya, our staff is carefully selected to meet a mix of slick/laid- back/smooth service provider profile.

We're also focused on benefitting local economy at all times, from working on a fair trade scheme with Mayan communities to buying strictly from National venues/ shops/artists & more.

For more information on travel, day trips, experiences or for any doubts, feel free to contact our team members at any time, we'd be glad to talk or help you out!